Making a change

Making a change should be an everyday goal or aspiration. Without change, there is no success. Fear of change is normal. It stems from people’s fear of failure.

If there’s one thing you learn today, it’s this: If you facilitate and embrace change, you’ll have control of the outcome. If you avoid change, it will catch up with you and it’ll be completely our of your control. Wouldn’t you prefer to be in control?

I don’t really condone New Years resolutions, I think they’re just broken promises. However, I do think that you should attack 2016 with a different attitude. There are always little changes you can implement to make your life more interesting.

Here are a few changes you can try that’ll introduce a little excitement in to your life:

  1. Attend one networking event a month. Websites like Eventbrite or Meetup are incredibly helpful with keeping you up to date with what’s going in your area.
  2. Try a new fitness class that’s completely out of your comfort zone. Explore the world of Groupon, they offer great deals on an array of classes, from fitness to cooking.
  3. Learn a new skill. There are loads of online courses that you can do for free. They’ll sharpen your skills and add value to your career. Take a look at Udemy, Alison and Coursera, they all offer very insightful courses.
  4. Make it a goal to meet 4 new people a month, whether it’s for networking purposes or just a friendly “hi”.

Most importantly, make 2016 all about YOU. Take time to care for yourself, and work towards YOUR goals. You only have one life, make sure that you do it right.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your year. Let me know below what you’re going to do to kick 2016’s butt.