What The F*** Am I Doing?

I seem to have these lulls of wanting to write a blog post but then I find myself being overwhelmed by words, ideas, direction and life.


It’s not an excuse, but it feels good to whine once in a while. I’m not sure if anyone in this cyberspace is actually listening to what I have to say. I could and probably am just talking to an empty space.


So, where have I been this whole time?

Here’s a short breakdown:

I got engaged to a beautifully rugged man in Central Park, New York. Yes, he did a really good job.

I’m planning a huge move to the USA to spend my life with that gorgeous bearded man.

I got a new job (well not so new now) writing content, being a social media curator and attending really cool trade shows.

(I’m the one holding the I.. Taking excitement to a whole new level)

I’ve traveled here and there. I feel like I’ve taken on the world, traveled it and now I’m sitting in my room in dreary Brighton, UK.

Deterring from my usual, somewhat sporadic online ramblings, has come from an overwhelming duty to be an adult. I know what you might think, “lazy, entitled millennial, complaining about everything”. Well this is what I think about your judgmental thoughts:


Moving countries, planning a wedding, looking for a new job and adjusting to a new lifestyle gives me full rights to complain and lose track of the days.

However, since I am eager to jump back on the blogging train I feel like I have to hold myself accountable. Someone once told me, to get yourself in to a habit of completing your goals, you have to make yourself accountable. By that, you have to tell someone, anyone, what you’re planning on doing. You’ll feel more obliged to not let that person down and push towards the goal. So here it goes, my vow to you:

I, Charlotte, promise to continue building, writing and nurturing whatever this is [the blog].

Until next time, interweb peeps. I will have some interesting content to read – hopefully.



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