The Best Podcasts I’ve Listened to in 2016

I have jumped on the audio storytelling bandwagon, and fallen down a bottomless pit of curiosity. I originally started with a few personal development podcasts and then transcended in to cold cases, and then in to the wonderful of real life stories from everyday people. Even though this is a personal opinion, I think these are the best podcasts I have listened to this year. I hope you enjoy them:

Casefile: True Crime Podcast


“Fact is scarier than fiction”. Cold cases, serial murderers and mysterious cases. Casefile is a true crime podcast narrated by a strong Australian voice, backed by ominous music. The stories are intriguing and the cases are gripping, you won’t be able to stop listening. The level of detail about the case and characters are incredible and make you want to binge through all the episodes.



10457932_747932928614283_181568143676741733_ncriminalThis was one of the first crime based podcasts that got me hooked on the crime genre. Presenter, Phoebe Judge has a smooth voice, perfect for radio. It’s about the “stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged or gotten caught somewhere in the middle.” It’s a great listen and gives you a first person view on those either convicted or been a victim to a crime.



A collection of sound bites, short audio documentaries, compelling stories and sound bites for people’s lives from all around the world. Every episode is different and original. It’s hard to explain. Some of the episodes are abstract and others follow a solid story line. It’s a library of audio nuggets.



If you haven’t heard about Serial, I assume you’ve been living under a media rock for the past 2 years. Without sounding condescending, it’s been the biggest podcast since.. Well ever. From the creators of This American Life, the first season follows the story of a Adnan Syed, who was convicted of murdering his high school girlfriend, Hae Min Lee in 1999.

Sarah Koenig, the host for Serial, takes the listeners on an investigative story. She uncovers unlawful practices, mistreatment of the trial, and most importunately, she tries to tell Adnan’s story, that was silenced so long ago. It’s an amazing audio journey that will have you binge listening for hours, maybe even days.



From the former director of The Moth (so you know it’s going to be good), Lea Thau, features real people and their very much real stories. The stories can range from light-hearted tales to deeply emotional or traumatic experiences.


Stuff You Should Know

The hosts Chuck and Josh make the show what it is. The show’s premise is to explore interesting topics in depth and reveals facts you should know, but probably don’t. The topics are so broad you could lose yourself just scrolling through their rich library of knowledge.


TED Radio Hour

If you haven’t already guessed, this podcast is influenced by the inspirational talks given by some amazing speakers on the TED stage. It’s a “journey through fascinating ideas: astonishing inventions, fresh approaches to old problems, new ways to think and create.” Guy Raz, is the host of TED radio hour and does a great job tying the episodes topic with speakers and their views.


The Moth

The Moth is by far my favorite podcast. It has become my new obsession. It’s platform for professional and amateur storytellers to stand up in front of an audience and to tell some fascinating stories. Some will make you laugh, and some will leave you thinking about life. It’s truly the best podcast I have listened to.


This American Life

This American Life is a weekly audio documentary. Each weeks the episodes feature a diverse topic made up of two or three stories. Ira Glass does a great job tying the theme to those who have first person experiences with the week’s topic. The stories are in-depth and are structured as mini audio documentaries.

I consider This American Life to be the original of the storytelling podcasts (I could be wrong), but for me, it started my audio journey.


True Crime Garage

Hosted by The Captain and Nic who discuss crime cases with twists, turns and mysteries, all whilst sipping on a craft beer or two. The hosts make the show, they are a funny dynamic duo with opinions, questions and interesting insights about cases.


WTF with Marc Maron

Stand up comedian and screenwriter, Marc Maron, discusses his thoughts and opinions with a wide range of celebrities. It’s raw, unfiltered and honest. Basically it’s a conversation between Marc and different and interesting personalities.



Zestology is different from the others. It’s centered around “hacking energy, vitality and motivation”. Most of the episodes have a topic expert helping listeners to better their lives by providing useful resources.


You could argue there are more podcasts to uncover and I would love to know your thoughts. Leave a comment below on the best podcasts you’ve listened to.

Until next time, stay awesome.


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