What to Watch Next: TV Shows That Don’t Totally Suck

The season of Netflix upon us. The trees are bare, the wind is howling and some of us would prefer to spend our nights watching addicting TV.

Liz Lemon - 30 Rock


This is a heartbreaking time for a lot of us. Our regular shows are starting to come to an end for the holidays, and will most likely leave us with a mind-bending cliff hanger.


Instead of leaving you to wallow in TV misery, I have compiled a list of shows that I have [binge] watched over the past year. Some of them are on Netflix, others are available to stream on various sites. If you’re interested in streaming shoot me an email, I’ll send you the website.

Here is an extensive list of TV shows, organized by genres: (click on the genre to jump to the section)

Comedy    Supernatural/ Fantasy  Sci-fi   Drama/ Crime   Thriller


1) Archer (Animated)
Archer TV Show

What: Archer is an adult animated show that follows Sterling Archer, the most dangerous spy at International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) . There’s nothing too intelligent about him, instead he’s a hilariously dumb-founded agent who seems to annoy or seduce everyone around him. It’s sarcastic, rude and entertaining. Archer drinks too much, never does anything by the book and always ends up in some sort of situation.

Personal Thoughts: This show is crude, outrageous and absolutely hilarious. All the characters in this show add to hilarity of the show. You don’t have to watch it episode by episode

Seasons:6 (seasons 7 coming soon)

2) Bob’s Burgers (Animated)

Source: http://bobsburgerscaps.tumblr.com/

What: Bob’s Burgers is an animated sitcom that centers around the story of Bob Belcher, a creative grill man who is struggling to run a burger joint with his wife Linda, and his 3 unhelpful kids, Tina, Gene and Louise. Bob’s series of bad luck is overlooked by his 3 kids who lead their own humorous adventures.

Personal Thoughts: With the witty one liners and innuendos, I would definitely recommend giving this show a chance. Personally, I think the kids are the best part of the show.

Bobs burgers

Seasons: 6 (still being aired on Sunday evenings on FX)
Where: Catch up with old episodes on Netflix/ streaming sites

3) Blackish


What: Blackish is an American sitcom that centers on an upper-middle class family who lead a more than comfortable lifestyle in an affluent, mostly-white neighborhood. The hilarious story line illustrates the struggle of the 4 kids trying to “assimilate” in to the culture of their surroundings, and their father’s attempt to keep them grounded in his idea of black culture.

Personal Thoughts: Personally, I think it’s a show that you can put on in the background, or turn on when you don’t want to watch anything too intense. The kids are hilarious and witty. It’s a typical ABC comedic show, but it’s easy and pleasant to watch.

Seasons: 2 (still being aired on Wednesday’s on ABC)
Where: Catch up with old episodes on ABC.com or on streaming sites

4) Californication


What: Californication is a comedy-drama television series that ran from 2007 – 2014. David Duchovny plays a troubled novelist, Hank Moody, who moves to California and suffers from never ending writers block. In between excessive drinking, womanizing and drug abuse he complicates and messes up his relationship with his long term lover and daughter. The shows dark humor and explicit scenes make every episode addicting and endearing.

Personal Thoughts: I watched this show religiously day in and day out when it was released on Netflix. I wouldn’t want to count up the hours that I spent on the couch watching Hank Moody take drugs, drink and shout obscenities. It was amazing.

Seasons: 7 (ended in 2014)
Where: Netflix

5) Community


What: This comedy focuses on a study group of hilariously dysfunctional students at Greendale Community College. Each character has their own weird quirk that adds to their socially impaired group. The story begins with a former lawyer being fired from his job after faking his bachelors degree, and attends a community college. In an attempt to flirt with a fellow student in his class he forms a study group. More people than expected joined the study group and ended up forming an unlikely community. It’s hilarious, witty and an easy to watch type of show.

Personal Thoughts: I have some mixed emotions about the characters. Some of them are hilarious, whilst others are a little annoying/ arrogant. I would recommend trying it out if you’re looking for something simple and light. It was cancelled a few times, and then brought back by the fans demands, however I don’t think they had the financial means to keep it up. Earlier this year it was officially cancelled.

Seasons: 6 (ended earlier this year)
Where: Hulu/ Yahoo Screen

6) Fresh off the Boat

Source: facebook.com/FreshOffTheBoatABC

What: Fresh off the Boat takes a humorous look at the lives of immigrants living in American in the 1990’s. The main story line follows Eddie, a hip-hop loving 11 year old, who moves to Orlando with his parents, 2 brothers and grandmother. Eddie’s dad, Louis, pursues the American dream by opening and running a western-themed restaurant, as the other members of the family attempt to acclimate to their new, strange surroundings.

Personal Thoughts: This is a clever show. It’s one of the first TV shows I’ve seen that revolve around an Asian family and I think it’s great. It’s a very similar Everybody Hate Chris, in that it’s narrated by the adult version of the main child character. Again, it’s another ABC show that follows a lightly humored and easy to watch structure.

Seasons: 2 (Aired on Wednesday evenings on ABC)
Where: ABC (limited free episodes)/ streaming sites for full episodes

7) Master of None


What: Aziz Ansari stars in this new Netflix comedy, Master of None, as Dev, a 30-year-old actor who attempts to make his way through New York as an actor. The first 10 episodes were released all at once earlier this month, and it has been a massive hit with viewers. As the story goes, Dev struggles to find his way as an actor, after being stereotypically cast for commercials as the “Indian man”, whilst also trying to balance his love life, friends and himself. The show cleverly tackles issues of immigration, race, dating and how society treats men and women. Every episode portrays a thoughtful yet relatable journey through the struggles of life.

Personal Thoughts:  I was able to relate to every single episode. It evoked emotion, made me laugh, and at the end of it all, it made me think about certain aspects in my life. I somehow managed to watch the whole entire first season in 2 days **shameful**.

Seasons: 1
Where: Netflix

8) The Mindy Project


What: The Mindy Project is a romantic comedy about a successful doctor who tries to balance her professional and personal life in New York City, however there are times where she is more interested about pop culture, food and dating, than work. Surrounded by quirky co-workers, Mindy goes through a hilarious journey as a 30-something year old trying to find love and build her practice as an OB/GYN. It’s an easy to watch and an uplifting, feel-good show.

Personal Thoughts: Love it. I have loved Mindy Kaling since she was in The Office (US), so when I heard that she had her own show I did not hesitate to give it a go. The character she plays is hilariously unafraid of what others think. It’s brilliant to watch a successful woman who is a dominant character in her work space.

Seasons: 4 (still being aired on Tuesday evenings on Fox)
Where: Fox Now/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

9) Modern Family

Modern Family

What: Modern Family is a mockumentary that offers an honest and hilarious perspective on modern day family life. The show follows the lives of 3 related families. Jay Pritchett, the head of the family is married to a much younger woman, Gloria, a passionate Colombian, and lives with their baby and son from her previous marriage. Jay’s daughter, Claire is married to Phil, a real-estate agent who have 3 kids together: Hayley, the typical ditsy teenager, Alex, a nerdy, smart middle child, and Luke, the offbeat son. The last family member is Jay’s son, Mitchell who is married to Cameron and have an adopted Vietnamese daughter.

Personal Thoughts: I have been a dedicated fan of Modern Family since day 1, probably because it’s very very similar to the dynamics and structure of my own family. It’s one of the best mockumentary’s I have seen. Phil is my favorite character, so innocently clueless and says things without thinking, leaving his wife to pick up the pieces. It has left me in tears (happy tears) more than once.

Seasons: 7 (aired Wednesday evenings on ABC)
Where: ABC.com (limited free episodes)/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

10) The League

The League FX

What: The League follows a group of avid football fans who try to balance their life between their fantasy football league and life. Proving to be a challenge when the good-natured competition starts spilling in to their personal life and the workplace. If you’re in to your American football you’ll be please to know that the show features an array of real-life NFL players who play themselves on the series.

Personal Thoughts: As someone who doesn’t know much about American Football (I’m British, so I cant really call it football), I think this is still a great show. I might not get some of the banter when they’re choosing their line-ups for their Fantasy Draft, regardless I still find myself chuckling away. Even thought it focuses on American Football, there is something for everyone in this show.

Seasons: 7 (still being aired on Wednesday’s on FX or FXX)
Where: FXNOW/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

11) The Middle

The Middle

What: The Middle follows the middle-class Heck family, where the middle-American mum Frankie, uses humor and optimism to steer her 3 kids and husband through life’s ups and downs. Frankie is an under-performing car salesperson and her emotionally distant husband Mike, manages a local quarry. The 3 kids are completely different, creating a chaotic dynamic within the house. The oldest son Axl, is a popular but under-motivated, cynical teenager; the middle child Sue, is an enthusiastic young teen who is socially awkward and unsuccessful in her efforts; the youngest son Brick, is an intelligent but introverted compulsive reader with odd traits.

Personal Thoughts: This show is humorous, light-hearted and can hit close to home at times. Definitely worth a try. If you watched Malcolm in the Middle a few years ago, this show is pretty similar. It’s a show where you don’t particularly have to watch the episode one after the other, but can pick up wherever.

Season:  7 (watch limited episodes on ABC.com)
Where: ABC.com/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

12) Parks and Recreation


What: Amy Poehler plays a perky, over enthusiastic mid-level bureaucrat, called Leslie Knope, in the parks department in the small town of Pawnee. Leslie works with an array of colorful characters, that makes up a hilariously dysfunctional work space. This is a very endearing show filled with dry humor, awkward moments and relatable characters that you fall in love with. For 7 seasons, every character lives up to their quirky personalities and traits.

Personal Thoughts: At first I thought it was going to be similar to The Office, which I was never too much a fan of, but after watching a couple of episodes I quickly came to realize this was a lot funnier. My favorite character is Ron Swanson, he’s dry, to the point and hates everything to do with the government. Oh and he has the most amazing mustache. I would give this show all the stars possible. I was sad when this show ended, not a single episode disappointed me.

Seasons: 7
Where: Netflix/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime/ Google Play/ Streaming sites

13) You’re the Worst

Source: http://vod.fxnetworks.com

What: You’re the Worst is a toxic romantic comedy that follows the lives of a narcissistic British writer in LA called Jimmy, and a cynical PR executive called Gretchen. Over the episodes their 2 worlds collide, and their awkward encounters transform in to a  toxic, self-destructive relationship that seems to work for them.

Personal Thoughts: From the first episode I thought this was a great show. The characters are so awkward to watch, but yet I couldn’t look away. It’s like a train wreck. There’s something entertaining about watching 2 overly pessimistic people trying to have a relationship.

Seasons: 2 (still airing on Wednesday nights on FX or FXX)
Where: Hulu/FX Now/Amazon Prime/Streaming sites

Supernatural/ Fantasy

14) Afterlife

Afterlife Tv Series

What: Set in Bristol UK, Afterlife’s main characters are a psychic and an academic who becomes involved with her work due to his skeptical interest in the paranormal. Throughout the series they encounter supernatural happenings, and the skeptic starts to realize there’s a little more to life than the living.

Personal Thoughts: I was hooked from the first episode and didn’t move from the couch for a couple hours at a time. I loved it. After a while you start to relate to the characters and get lost in the story lines. I have to say, the ending was emotional and hard to absorb, only because you end up loving the characters and their dynamic.

Where: Netflix

15) Being Human


What: Being Human US is originally based off the UK version. It’s about 3 twenty-something roommates who try to keep their supernatural secret and live normal lives – one is a ghost, another is a vampire and the third is a werewolf. The three roommates try to deal with their double lives by surrounding themselves with “normal” people. However, the supernatural always seems to turns up at their front door.

Personal Thoughts: At first, I was a little skeptical about this show. Usually TV shows like this tend to revolve around love triangles and melodrama, but this is not another Twilight. It took me a couple of episodes to really get in to it, but after I was converted. The characters go through amazing changes and stories, and there is always a twist going on somewhere.

Seasons: 4 (2011 – 2014)
Where: Streaming sites

16) Salem


What: Set in 17th century Massachusetts, ‘Salem’ is based on the infamous Salem witch trials and the dark happenings of how the Salem’s witches blended in to society to avoid Puritan scrutiny. The main characters cast spells, wage war and rectify supernatural romances.

Personal Thoughts: I have seen my fair share of witch shows, and this show captivated me immediately. The acting itself can be a little questionable at times, however the story line is interesting and takes all sorts of dark turns and twists.

Seasons:2 (season 3 will be coming in 2016… yay )
Where: WGN America/ Amazon Prime/ Google Play/streaming sites

17) Supernatural


What: Sam and Dean Winchester are 2 brothers who are following in their fathers footsteps as “hunters” and travelling across America investigating the unexplained and fighting the paranormal. The events that occur are based on American urban legends and folklores, as well as mythical creatures such as werewolves, vampires and the odd ghost.

Personal Thoughts: To put it simply, I LOVE THIS SHOW. Without judgement, I watched 11 seasons in a very short amount of time. To prove it’s awesomeness, it’s been making amazing seasons since 2005 and it’s still going. If you’re interested in supernatural stories, this will definitely tickle your fancy. It has creepy supernatural beings, fighting, a bit of blood and the cheeky humor of the two adorable brothers.

Seasons: 11 (aired on Wednesday evenings on CW)
Where: CW TV (only available for the USA)/ Hulu/ streaming sites

18) The Originals


What: Created as a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries (see below), The Originals focuses on the original vampire family who return to New Orleans to take back the city they helped build in 1919, after being forced to flee from their vengeful father. As seen on The Vampire Diaries, the original family is made up of three Mikaelson siblings. Together, they fight tooth and nail (vampire joke) to regain their power from the current ruler, Marcel, whilst also trying to fight a brewing war between the vampires, werewolves and witches.

Personal Thoughts: Personally, I thought this show was better that The Vampire Diaries (TVD), however it helps to have watched TVD since they share a similar, yet faint story line. It’s less about romance and more about dominance and action. It’s a great show that’ll keep your eyes glued to the screen and swallow you in to their messed up lives. Half way through episodes I find myself emotionally attached to the characters.

Seasons: 3 (Aired Thursday evenings on CW)
Where: Netflix (2 seasons)/ CW TV (only in America)/Hulu/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

19) Vampire Diaries


What: In the charming town of Mystic Falls, everything seems to be quaint and normal, however nothing is quite what it seems. The town is surrounded by supernatural beings, and Elena Gilbert, an innocent high school girl, is the main protagonist for the town’s weird paranormal events. It all starts when she falls for a boy in her class, but little does she know that he is near to 200 years old. As the series goes on, the town is in the middle of a supernatural war that’s been brewing for centuries.

Personal Thoughts: At first I loved the show, then I started to see some similarities to Twilight: love triangles, teen drama and over the top acting. Overall, the story line is interesting and can take some unexpected twists and turns. It might be because I have a little soft spot for Ian Somerhalder acting like a badass.

Seasons: 7 (Aired Thursday evenings on CW)
Where: Netflix (first 6 seasons)/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime


20) Sense 8


What: Sense 8 is a Netflix original that is based around 8 strangers from different cultures, located all over the world who are suddenly emotionally and mentally linked. Whilst they are living their normal everyday lives, they all suddenly have the same vision of the violent death of a woman. Which leads them to discover that they are ‘sensates’, who are normal humans who are able to communicate, sense and use each other’s skill, language and knowledge.

Personal Thoughts: Even though it’s only 12 episodes long, every single story and character was more interesting than the next. As the story unravels, it’s amazing to watch these characters embody the other sensates. It tackles many serious subjects such as transgender relationships, homosexuality, racial differences and feminism, just to name a few. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who’s interested in

Seasons:1 (season 2 should be coming in 2017… sad, I know)
Where: Netflix

21) The 100


What: The 100 is set 97 years after a nuclear post-apocalyptic nuclear war wiped out nearly all life on Earth. The only known survivors moved to 12 connecting space stations that inhabit 2,400 people. As time goes on resources become scarce, so all crimes, regardless of severity, are punishable by ejection in to space. The support system starts to critically fail, so they send 100 juvenile prisoners to the surface. The juveniles arrive to a world they have only seen from space and expected to be baron. As they try to gather supplies and survive in this new rugged world, they discover that not all of humanity was wiped out.

Personal Thoughts: The first season is really engaging, it’s suspenseful and kind of messed up. After spending 97 years in space, humanity has become brutal and cold. The post-apocalyptic story line is an interesting take on how the end of the world comes about. The second seasons drags a long a little. After they realize that Earth is actually livable, it’s just more about uncovering 97 years of history.

Seasons: 2 (season 3 will be coming out in 2016)
Where: Amazon Prime/ Netflix/ streaming sites

22) Wayward Pines


What: Matt Dillon plays a secret service agent, Ethan Burke, who is searching for 2 missing colleagues in a strange, reclusive town called Wayward Pines, that he can’t seem to escape. The show is based on the thriller novel “Pines” written by Blake Crouch. As time goes on in this small town, Ethan starts to notice that there is something strange happening. First off, any attempt to escape is punishable by public execution. Eventually, Ethan finds the truth behind Wayward Pines.

Personal Thoughts: It’s only had one season and half way through the seasons I was scratching my head in complete shock. It starts out making you believe one thing, then all of a sudden it does a 180 and changes it’s direction without warning. I personally thought it was a great show, the ending to first season is a little strange, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Mat Dillion however gets a little annoying, and the acting isn’t amazing.

Seasons: 1
Where: FOX/ Hulu/ streaming sites

23) The Whispers


What: An out of this world electrical force is manipulating children to act on it’s behalf by posing as their imaginary friend called Drill. The kids secretly play games with drill in exchange for rewards. Little do they know that Drill’s aim is to get close to the government. FBI child specialist, Claire Bennigan, starts to notice this pattern and tries to stop the force before it causes irreparable damage.

Personal Thoughts: The description definitely sounds weirder than it actually is. The show starts out great, the story line is mysterious, you then find out a few twists and it’s a little strange.

Seasons: 1
Where: ABC/ Hulu/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

24) Under The Dome


What: Based on the Stephen King novel, “Under the Dome” follows the lives of residents of a small town that are cut off from the rest of the world by a transparent dome. Some of the citizens start to panic as resources become limited and contact to outside world seems hopeless. A small group of citizens try to maintain the peace within the town, whilst also trying to uncover the truth about about the barrier.

Personal Thoughts: The TV show started out mysterious and tantalizing, however as the seasons go on the story just takes on all sorts of weird turns. It’s one of those shows that if you don’t play close attention, it will totally lose you. I gave it a shot simply because it was based off a Stephen King novel but I wouldn’t go as far as giving it full stars.

Seasons: 3 (cancelled in 2015)
Where: CBS/ Amazon Prime


25) American Horror Story


What: American Horror Story is an anthology series where each seasons is a different story. The first season is about a haunted house. The second season takes place in a mental asylum in 1964. The third season is about a Coven of witches. The fourth season is a 1952 freak show based in Florida. The final season (not sure if it’s the last) is about a supernatural hotel located in Los Angeles, California.

Personal Thoughts: Weird, strange, and kind of amazing all rolled in to one. The first and second seasons are the best, then after that they get slightly strange and weak.

Where: Netflix

26) Bates Motel


What: Bates Motel is a “contemporary prequel” to the 1960’s Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. The TV show follows the lives of Norman Bates and his mother Norma. The show starts out as Norman being portrayed as a normal young man. However, as the show goes on Norman’s psyche slowly starts to unravel and unveils his true psychotic colors.

Personal Thoughts: Watching Norman transform from one character is dark and terrifying. At first, he seems helpless and innocent, but then as the story progresses you start to see a mentally ill boy who does things that his mother covers up.

Where: A&E/ Amazon Prime/ Netflix

27) Hemlock Grove


What: This thriller/ horror TV series examines the strange fictional town called Hemlock Grove. The town is filled with twisted rumors, mysterious happenings and sinister experiments. The story follows a gypsy called Peter and the Godfrey family, a powerfully rich family that sources the town’s employment and revenue. It’s rumored that Hemlock Grove is crawling with supernatural creatures that blend in with the townsfolk. As the seasons develop, their secrets unravel and true identities are revealed.

Personal Thoughts: When I first started this show I had no idea what to expect, especially with the cover image. Little did I know how much this show was going to blind side me. The story line is weird and dark, and not the normal supernatural show.

Where: Netflix original

28) Orphan Black


What: The series focuses on Sarah Manning, a con artist who takes the identity of a seemingly identical woman, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing her suicide. After living in Childs’ shoes for a while, she comes to find that she was in fact her clone. From there, Sarah discovers she has many ‘sister’ clones spread all over the world, and someone is plotting to kill all of them. Orphan Black points out issues related to moral and ethical implications regarding human cloning and it’s issue with personal identity.

Personal Thoughts: One word – AMAZING. Actress Tatiana Maslany plays the lead role of Sarah Manning, whilst also playing the other 4 clones (all different personalities and characters). Tatiana does such an amazing job playing all 5 characters you almost forget that they’re the same actress. In the beginning it blew my mind, I thought they found actresses that look similar, but no, Tatiana is just an amazing actress.

Seasons: 3 (season 4 coming in 2016)
Where: BBC America/ Netflix

29) From Dusk Till Dawn


What: Based on Quentin Tarantino’s and Robert Rodriguez’s original movie in 1996, the TV series follows a similar story line, starting with the journey of Seth and Richard, two fugitive brothers heading to the Mexico border. After crossing in to Mexico they end up at a strip club filled with vampires and are forced to fight until dawn in order to survive.

Personal Thoughts: If you have seen the original 1996 movie, then I suggest giving this TV show a try. The first season follows a similar story line to the movie, but provides more of a before and after story to the movie. The second season is okay, it deviates from the original story line a little but it’s still just as weird.

Seasons: 2
Where: Netflix Original

30) Scream


What: A modern day version of the Scream movie franchise. It starts with a YouTube video going viral, which soon leads to problems for the teenagers of Lakewood. The crimes raise memories from the crimes committed many years before. Is it the same killer? Is he back for revenge?

Personal Thoughts: The acting is a little cheesy, but the actual story line is filled with twists and turns. The gruesome killing scenes evened out the questionable acting at times. I would only suggest watching this if you have nothing else to watch. It’s not terrible, but it’s not top of my list.

Seasons: 1
Where: MTV/ streaming sites

31) Scream Queens


What: Scream Queens is a horror black comedy TV series that follows the Kappa Kappa Tau Sorority at Wallace University. The sorority girls are led by Chanel Oberlin and her minions, who are all named Chanel. The girls are being threatened by a Red Devil serial killer, that leads back to a 20-year old murder mystery.

Personal Thoughts: With this TV show, you have to take it for what it is. It pays tribute to the old school slasher movies, whilst also incorporating the typical ingredients that makes up a teen college comedy. Every character is over the top stereotypical, with the stuck up sorority leader who’s followed by mini-mes, the vengeful college dean and the desperate pledges who don’t really fit. It’s funny, bloody and easy to watch.

Seasons: 1
Where: FOX/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

32) Walking Dead

(L-R) Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies); Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs); Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus); Carol (Melissa Suzanne McBride); T-Dog (Robert 'IronE' Singleton); Beth Greene (Emily Kinney); Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson); Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln); Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan); Glenn (Steven Yeun); The Governor (David Morrissey); Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) - The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Full cast photo - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

What: The Walking Dead is based on the graphic novels written by Robert Kirkman. Rick Grimes, a former Sheriff, wakes up from a coma to find that the world has been taken over by a zombie epidemic and finds himself to be the only one alive. Or so he thinks. Rick starts making his way to Atlanta to look for his family, and along the way he finds a camp of survivors. They spend day and night fending off the ever growing amount of zombies; as well as competing with other groups who are ready to do whatever it takes to survive this new world.

Personal Thoughts: I loved the first 5 seasons, they were thrilling and filled with near-death zombie fights. However, I have found that after a couple of seasons, the story repeats itself and can drag on a little. The latter seasons had more dialogue than zombie fighting, but it soon picks up, you jut have to stick it out.

Seasons: 7
Where: AMC/ Netflix

Drama/ Crime

33) Banshee


What: Ex-con and master thief, Lucas Hood assumes the identity of a murdered sheriff and takes over the Banshee Sheriff’s department, where he uses his power to continue his criminal activities. His past crimes and enemies start to catch up with him, threatening to expose his true identity. In this quiet Amish town, violence erupts and Lucas starts to enforce his own judicial system.

Personal Thoughts: I loved this show from the very first episode.The writers don’t tell you too much on who Lucas Hood is, but throughout the seasons they provide little flash back snippets from his criminal past. Lucas finds his long lost lover in this small Amish town, who is also assuming a new identity. Between the scandal and the amazing fighting scenes, I would 100% recommend this show.

Seasons: 4
Where: Cinemax/ Netflix/ Online streaming sites

 34) Black Sails


What: Black Sails is based around the 18th century adventures of pirates in the Caribbean. The series is a prequel to the “Treasure Island”, based 20 years before the novel’s events. Captain Flint recruits a young recruit, John Silver, to join the crew, while later putting an end to mutiny, hunting for treasures and attacking pirate vessels. At first, the New World fears Captain Flint, but when his “campaign of terror” crosses over in to madness, it’s up to John to put a stop to the Flint’s war against the world.

Personal Thoughts: It’s an interesting show that can be a little confusing at times, so you have to stay focused.

Where: STARZ

35) Better Call Saul


What: Before there was Saul Goodman, there was Jimmy McGill a small time, beat down lawyer who couldn’t catch a break. This prequel to Breaking Bad, shows Jimmy growing his lawyer career by taking dodgy deals and helping people on the wrong side of the law.

Personal Thoughts: At first I was skeptical. I have been a die hard fan of Breaking Bad, so when I found out they were doing a prequel I wasn’t too sure that they would be able to live up to the hype. Surprisingly, it was really good. After religiously watching Breaking Bad a few times I was able to relate to the characters

Seasons: 1 (season 2 coming in 2016)
Where: Netflix, AMC, streaming sites

36) Breaking Bad


What:Walter White, a chemistry high school teacher finds out he terminal lung cancer and needs to find a way to get the money to pay for treatment. He teams up with an old student, Jesse Pinkman, and uses his chemistry to make crystal meth with the highest form of purity.

Personal Thoughts: If you haven’t already seen this then I recommend you put this on the top of your list. I watched this show 3 times. Why? I have no idea, it was just that amazing. Bryan Cranston who plays Walter White, executes the character flawlessly. Throughout the series Walter transforms and evolves from being a loving sheepish man to the most powerful drug dealer. I could write a whole website on this show, it’s beyond amazing.

Seasons: 5
Where: Netflix

37) Dexter


What: Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analysis, living in Miami, leads a double life as a serial killer who hunts down murderers who have slipped through the cracks of the system.

Personal Thoughts: This dark mystery crime drama is an intense journey that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering if he’ll ever get caught. Dexter may be a serial killer, but as the seasons go on, he turns in to a character you can’t help but love.

Seasons: 8
Where: Netflix

38) Empire


What: Lucious Lyon, former drug dealer turned CEO of Empire, an entertainment and hip hop company, discovers he has a serious illness. As the story goes on, Lucious’ life starts to crumble around in and his past sins start to come back to haunt him. After a 17-year sentence Lucious’ ex-wife Cookie, is released from prison, and they go head to head grooming their 3 sons in to becoming stars.

Personal Thoughts: I have one word for this show – Fierce. It’s filled with drama, backstabbing, hip hop/ rap music, and he-said, she-said.

Where: FOX/ Amazon Prime/ streaming sites

39) Homeland


What: Due to probation Carrie Mathison, a CIA operations officer, is assigned to the Counter terrorism center. Carrie’s job becomes quickly complicated when she learns that Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine Sergeant who had been MIA for over 5 years, had been rescued during a raid on the compound where the leader of a terrorist group was residing. Has Brody been compromised or is he the war hero everyone makes him out to be?

Personal Thoughts: The first 4 seasons were thrilling, intense and followed a story line that kept me on the edge of my seat.  Towards the end of the series the episodes start to drag a little and there seems to be more dialogue and drama than action.

Seasons: 5
Where: Showtime/ Netflix

40) House of Cards

House of Cards

What: Congressman, Francis Underwood, works alongside his equally conniving wife, Claire Underwood, to enforce brutal revenge on those who have wronged him. He’s cunning, strategic, savage, dapper and fearless; taking Washington by storm by climbing the political power ladder.

Personal Thoughts: I wish I could tell you more about this show, but I don’t want to give too much away. By the end of each season my eyes were glued to the screen, and my heart racing a thousand miles a minute. Kevin Spacey plays a ruthless politician, who perfectly portrays the dark and devious side of politics. It’s a show laced with deception, lies and trickery, and it’s bloody awesome.

Seasons: 4 (season 5 coming in 2016)
Where: Netflix (episodes are released a season at a time)

41) Justified


What: U.S. Marshal, Raylan Givins, is an old-school lawman who enforces his own unconventional brand of justice throughout his small town. His controversial actions makes him a target for all the drug dealers, thieves and low-life’s within his jurisdiction.

Personal Thoughts: The show has wit, action and law defying scenes what else could you want? Timothy Olyphant plays U.S. Marshal, Rayaln Givins, and his accent and cowboy- ness are a perfect combination.

Seasons: 6
Where: FX/

42) Lie To Me


What: Tim Roth plays the show’s leading deception expert, Cal Lightman, who studies facial expressions and body languages to expose the truth behind people’s lies and deceptions. He works alongside public authorities to help solve investigations and catch criminals. Cal’s character is cynical and unpleasant, who’s willing to do whatever it takes to uncover the truth.

Personal Thoughts: Tim Roth plays a human lie detector who see’s through people’s bullshit no matter what. He’s witty, dry and argumentative, and it’s great. This refreshing show is more than a stereotypical cop/ crime show. All the characters in the show are entertaining and work seamlessly together.

Seasons: 3
Where: Netflix

43) Once Upon a Time


What: Fairy tales don’t always have the happy ending you thought they did. Once Upon a Time follows the life of Emma Swan who’s bad luck doesn’t seem to end. On the night of her 28th birthday, she’s ‘coincidentally’ reunited with her son, Henry, who she gave up for adoption 10 years ago, and from that night on everything changes. Henry believes that his little town of Storybrooke is actually the magical place where all the fairy tale characters were banished by the Evil Queen, and Emma is actually the lost child of Snow White and Prince Charming. He must make her believe to save the lives of many.

Personal Thoughts: At first I was skeptical. It seemed cheesy, especially since it’s filled with fairy tales. However, as the seasons unravel the story, it’s captivating and largely entertaining. If you grew up reading the Disney stories of Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and more, then this show is a blast from the past. They put a dark and twisted spin on the story line

Seasons: 5 (new seasons coming in 2016)
Where: Netflix

44) Orange is the New Black


What: Based on a real story, Orange is the New Black follows the life of Piper Chapman, a New York woman in her 30’s who is sentenced to 15 months in prison after being convicted of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend. The series shows how she adjusts to life in a woman’s prison and deals with the every day drama of other criminals.

Personal Thoughts: The show is amazing. It’s hilarious, enticing and the characters are played out perfectly. There’s not much I can say about the show other than you HAVE to watch it.

Seasons: 3 (season 4 coming in 2016)
Where: Netflix

45) Pretty Little Liars


What: After their friend mysteriously disappears, four 16 year old girls believe their secrets are safe forever. Little do they know, an anonymous foe disguised as “A” wants revenge on the girls, and threatens to reveal their darkest secrets, whilst also uncovering the mysterious murder of their friend.

Personal Thoughts: It’s probably the most addicting and frustrating show I have ever watched. Throughout the 6 seasons the 4 girls are consistently tortured by a mysterious hooded tyrant who is NEVER revealed. When you think you might know who it is, they hit you with a surprise that makes you re-think everything you’ve known about the show.

Seasons: Season 6 (it will recommence January 2016)
Where: Netflix/ ABC

46) Power


What: Power follows James St. Patrick, who leads a double life as the owner of a popular New York night club, and one of the city’s biggest drug dealer, under the alias “Ghost”. He has it all – the beautiful family, a successful business, and the flashy lifestyle. However, he struggles to balance his two separate lives. As the series goes on James finds his life isn’t as perfect as it’s made out to be. Trying to get out of the drug game, whilst also trying to decide between his mistress and wife, James makes a series of decisions that will cost him more than money.

Personal Thoughts: Firstly, the director of this series is 50 cent, so that right there is enough to give this show a try. Secondly, the show itself is really entertaining. Watching James going back and forth between his doubles lives is interesting. One minute he is a business man, with a family and kids, the next he is an aggressive drug dealer who has no mercy about people who double cross him. It’s a show about lies, drugs and deception. Bravo, 50 Cent. Bravo.

Where: Starz

47) Narcos

6358114426571350402113908200_narcos pablo

What: Narcos is based off the true story of Pablo Escobar, notorious Colombian kinpin from the 70s, and the DEA agents that were hunting him down. The series tells the brutal and violent story of how Pablo built a global drug empire, and reached his peak as the world’s most notorious drug dealer.

Personal Thoughts: Before this show I wasn’t aware the scale at which Pablo Escobar worked at back in the 70’s. Throughout the show they match up the story line with real time events that happened during Escobar’s time. They use his real mug shot, video clips and even photos from news articles from back then. It’s fascinating to watch his story unfold.

Seasons: 2
Where: Netflix Original

48) Ray Donovan


What: If you need to cover up a crime, organize bribes, or get yourself out of situations, then Ray Donovan is the one to call. He’s the ‘fixer’ to Hollywood’s elites and can make anyone’s problems disappear, except for those created by his own messed up family. In between his family’s affairs and crime filled past, he avoids the law by the skin of his teeth.

Personal Thoughts: This show is a top-notch drama/ crime show. Ray Donovan’s character is emotionless and calculated, and glimpses of his past as a ruthless thug show up from time to time as enraging issues arise.

Seasons:3 (season 4 coming in 2016)
Where: Showtime/ Netflix

49) The Returned (US)

The Returned US

What: Based of the French hit series, The Returned follows the lives of the residents of a small town whose lives are changed forever when their loved ones, who have been dead for years, start to reappear. The returned have not aged and are completely unaware of their own fatality.

Personal Thoughts: I watched the first season of this show in 3 days, that’s how addicting it was. I have no idea why they cancelled the second season. If you try it and want to continue the story, there is a French show that follows the same story line, however there are subtitles. It’s creepy and engaging, wrapped in a blanket of weird.

Seasons: 1 🙁
Where: Netflix

50) Sons of Anarchy


What: Each season follows two stories of Jax Teller and his immediate family, and the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original). The Sons are involved in gun deals throughout the United States, and make sketchy deals with gangs, politicians and authorities. As the President of the club, Jax struggles with following in his late fathers footsteps, the founder of the club, whilst juggling the clubs agreements and duties.

Personal Thoughts: One of the best shows I have seen. The characters develop and grow throughout the show, and each of their stories are as unique as each other. This show offers violence, drama, heartache and some badass moments. I was sad when the series ended, the development of the show was so intense, I could have continued watching it.

Seasons: 7
Where: Netflix

51) Suits


What: Harvey Specter, is the stereotypical New York suit and tie lawyer, with the perfect hair and smart ass one-liners. Whilst interviewing candidates for an associates position, he comes across Mike Ross a college dropout who impresses him, and hires him on the spot. Despite the fact that Mike isn’t actually a lawyer does not phase Harvey, in fact Harvey see’s Mike as his new right-hand man. In order for this relationship to work they must keep up this charade and their secret between them.

Personal Thoughts: I sat through all 5 seasons in just 2 and a half weeks… shameful, I know. Anything that involves New York lawyers will be riddled with secrets, drama, scandals and juicy gossip. I can’t get enough. Oh, and there’s some eye candy in there for everyone.

Seasons: 5
Where: Netflix/ Amazon Prime

52) Wentworth


What: Wenworth is an Australian TV show that follows the life of Bea Smith, who is awaiting trial for the attempted murder of her husband. Until her sentencing, Bea finds out what life in prison is like at Wentworth.

Personal Thoughts: I originally started watching this because it just so happened to be on my Netflix, and it looked like I made the right choice. I was extremely impressed by the acting and the cast. Bea meets all sorts of characters in Wentworth and she has to learn how to survive against some of the roughest and toughest. Aside from Orange is the New Black, this is one of the best Prison show’s I have seen.

Seasons: 3 (season 4 coming soon)
Where: Netflix


Phew. That was a long list. Don’t say I never offered you guys anything, here’s weeks and weeks (maybe a year) worth of TV gold. Let me know your thoughts on some these shows. Did they make you laugh, cry, angry or annoyed (there are a few like that **cough** Walking Dead **cough**)

Until next time. Sayonara, humans.

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